Friday, August 8, 2014

Green Chile Time!

Green Letter Day

Got our first green chile fix today. Went to Lujan's for a few pounds, roasted on the grill, and had our favorite lunch...fresh chile, peeled and seeded, wrapped in a warm tortilla. Can't get much better than that! (oh, and a cold beverage to wash it down!)

Monday, March 10, 2014

An off-season trip to "Anaheim"

Our "Bountiful Basket" this time had this handful of green chile peppers. They looked pretty good - no wilting, not extremely large, but size doesn't always matter!
We decided to throw them on the grill to roast, and have them in our favorite way to eat fresh chile...wrapped in a tortilla with a little cheese, tomatoes, etc.
This was a first for us, as we never buy chile out of the bin at the supermarket, and always have a good supply of frozen Hatch chile until the new season rolls around.
But, fresh green chile is hard to beat, so here goes:
Seemed like on the grill they were a little lacking in moisture, the roasting aroma wasn't quite as strong as we're used to, but the skins charred OK.
After steaming in a plastic bag a few minutes we dug in.
The flavor was a little mild, a touch of heat in a couple of them, but overall a little bland. There was enough flavor there to let us know they were green chiles, but all in all we were left a little unsatisfied. We tried to be totally neutral and unbiased, lest we be seen as "chile snobs", but we can now honestly say we tried Anaheim peppers with an open mind. Bottom line is, if we were stranded on a desert island and a box of Anaheim chile came floating by, we'd eat them, assuming we were tired of coconuts and seaweed!

Monday, October 7, 2013

The Whole Enchilada Returns!
Thanks to contributions by friends of the Whole Enchilada, Roberto Estrada returned after a hiatus last year, once again to construct the Guiness-Record holding stacked enchilada.  We first witnessed this process in 1999, when we filmed the making of the enchilada on our "Grand Tour" prior to moving to New Mexico. We used portions of the '99 video in our "Tale of Two Chiles" dvd which accompanies Judy's cookbook by the same name. Viva Roberto!

Hatch Festival, One More Time!

That's me with my Texan son, and two of the Festival royalty for this year. We got our bag of chile in town this year, instead of at the festival grounds. Seems like fewer vendors are showing up at the festival than in days gone by...maybe fees, regulations, etc...anyway, lots of good chile was to be had in town, along with lots of activity in the various shops.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hatch Chile Festival 2012

Hatch Chile Festival 2012...

Another Hot One!

(I never pass up an opportunity to associate with royalty. That's yours truly with this year's Hatch Chile Queen.)

Impressions of this year's Festival:

1) It was hot! No clouds or chances of rain this year, and by the time we got back home we were ready for a "cold one" or two!

2) There seemed to be fewer chile vendors at the festival this year. Don't know if it's the economy or what.

3) Parking is $10 now...can't recall if it was that much last year, oh well...The festival organizers are fond of saying "if it ain't broke don't fix it", and sure enough, the event is still about as rustic and disorganized as it was in 1999 when we first attended. (but it costs more to park!)

4) On the plus side, things were really jumping in the village itself. Lots of vendors selling and roasting chile, shopping, restaurants...all in all we enjoyed our time in downtown Hatch more than the festival itself.

Will we be there next year? Of Course!

Friday, August 10, 2012

What, No Enchilada???

Looks like the word is officially's Las Cruces Bulletin verified a rumor we'd heard earlier, that after 31 years, Roberto Estrada won't be making the "World's Largest Enchilada" at this year's Whole Enchilada Fiesta.

According to Roberto, the equipment he's used all these years to cook and assemble the enchilada "no longer meets the state standards" for safety and operation, and he estimates it will cost about $40,000 to replace.

The Enchilada has always been a favorite part of the Fiesta for many of us, but I guess it's as they say, "All good things must end". Thanks, Roberto, for hanging in there for 31 years.